In 2018, Ogasawara Islands are reaching a milestone, the 50th anniversary of the reversion to Japan from the United States on June 26, 1968.

Placed under U.S. control following WWⅡ, with patience and efforts of repatriation campaigns by the expelled residents, Ogasawara was returned to Japan after 23 years of occupation.

Since the reversion, Ogasawara has been through difficult periods of developmental stages of rebuilding everything from scratch, establishing the village government through elections of mayor and village councils, improving infrastructures and renewing ferries through several generations, and now we stand here today, a village as a world natural heritage site.

3 years to the 50th anniversary, we look back into the history we have inherited; the living before the war, the tragedies of the war, half millennium after the reversion. Now that we must face the future with hope and pride, we invited each village associations to carry out the commemoration project, and on March 31, 2013, “Ogasawara Islands Reversion 50th Anniversary Committee “was established.

The Committee is planing to carry out various of commemorative projects and we appreciate your support and cooperation.